Cassien and Beyond – Steve Briggs

[image][/image] Cassien and Beyond: For many people carp fishing becomes an obsession, a way of life almost, and that was how it was for Steve from an early age. But it was when he travelled down to Lake Cassien for the first time that he knew his life would never be the same again! This […]

A Flick of the Tale – Dave Lane

[image][/image] A Flick of the Tale: If you’ve read Dave’s first, highly acclaimed book, ‘An Obsession with Carp’, then you’ll have a bit of an idea what to expect from this new release. If you haven’t read it, then this will really open your eyes to the world of ‘specimen’ carp angling. The obsession still […]

Memoirs of a Carp Fisher: The Demon Eye

[image][/image] Memoirs of a Carp Fisher: The Demon Eye. by Kevin Nash. The book takes the reader on a journey from the beginnings of modern carp fishing, some time in the early sixties when Kevin was only a child trying to catch a fish he knew little about. The book gives a warts and all […]

Subsurface Journal: Brave New World 1

[image][/image] Subsurface Journal: From interviews with the old school, as well as the new school, to lads quietly doing their thing in the underground scene, to photographic galleries documenting nothing but the beauty of the environments we are lucky enough to find ourselves in, Subsurface exists to recognize and uphold the spirit that made us all […]

Terry Hearn – In Pursuit of The Largest

[image][/image] Terry Hearn – In Pursuit of The Largest.The outstanding lists of accolades that Terry Hearn has already earned bear testimony to this young angler’s exceptional carp fishing ability. At the age of just twenty six, he has already achieved the enviable achievement of capturing seven different 40lb+ carp from six of the country’s hardest […]

Terry Hearn – Still Searching

[image][/image] Terry Hearn-Still Searching Terry Hearn is a carp-angling phenomenon. More than an angler, Terry is an accomplished carp hunter, with a hunter’s eye, dedication and instincts. He has an uncanny ability to tune-in to his quarry’s environment, and he makes full use of what he learns. There is nothing magical about what Terry does. […]