Lac De Saint-Cassien is 1500 acres of carp heaven consisting of three individual arms being the North, South and West with the famous road bridge crossing the middle.

Features include depths down to 140 ft, plateau’s, marginal weed beds, silt, sand, gravel, rocky out crops, submerged islands, snags and seasonal water level changes.

There are several restaurants all around the lake with Arbosiers in the South arm having exceptional panoramic views of the lake and superb food and drink.
April through to September are good times to be on Cassien with the spring and summer being hot and the lake being a great place to relax and whilst enjoying the sunshine.

  • Fishing is prohibited from January 1 to June 30 in the area
    upstream of Fondurane “Rock the American.” Also, carp fishing
    for the same period is prohibited upstream of the rowing.
  • Fishing is prohibited in the area of 300 meters upstream from the
    dam, over an area of 300 meters in the valley Belluny downstream channel
    arrival Siagne, and in the valley of Vaux. These three zones are delimited by
  • The house, even temporarily, on board any type of boat is prohibited.
  • The carp fishing at night is permitted from January 1 to the second Sunday of
    June inclusive and 2nd Saturday of September to 31 December with the exception
    of the west arm where it is allowed only the 2nd Saturday of September to 31
    December included.
  • Any carp caught must be immediately returned to the water after picture
  • Fishing for carp, launch lines should be done on board
    a physical launch.

Records in Lake Saint Cassien

  • Common carp: 30.8 kg
  • Mirror carp: 35.2 kg

In high season, it is not uncommon to see the most right positions occupied by European tourists, mostly Dutch and English. These latter are often directed towards the post Kevin Ellis, named after taking a 34.8 kg mirror carp by Kevin Ellis on this post located on the north arm of the lake in 1986. The post was copiously from overfished and no longer give the same results.


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