Lac du Temple, formerly Lake Auzon-Temple. Lake Temple is situated between the Eastern and Amance, and three of them form the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional de la Forêt d’Orient.
Lake Temple is 1830 hectares calm water, enclosed in a nature preserve. Temple carp are in average 12 to 14 pounds. we speak of a mirror 30 pounds that was caught there a few years ago.

History: The name of the lake comes from Temple Templars, who settled in the region in the Middle Ages, giving their name to the Forest Temple and the East, which encircle the lake. It was formerly called “lake Auzon-Temple” because of Auzon river whose upper valley was partly flooded by the lake.
Work began in 1983 and the current set water was finished in 1990.


The legislation:

  1. Night fishing allowed from April 1st to November 1st.
  2. Sector PDN: Bank section included since launching Caron up the forest road called “cul de sac”.
  3. Fishing boat trolling motor or engine allowed with some restrictions (see the website of the AAPPMA )
  4. Using the echo sounder is prohibited

Permits: detail 2 cases

A-You are in possession of a fishing license to fish another AAPPMA taxes included:

  • A day of fishing (night included): Shore fishing as boat: 15 €
  • For 30 consecutive days: Shore fishing as boat: 33 € + 20 € (postage carpiste) = 53 €
  • You go back to different periods of the year: Annual Carte: 55 € + 20 € (boat stamp) + € 20 (stamp carpiste) = 95 €
  • Warning! carpiste stamp is valid for the entire season, do not throw your card …

B-You have no fishing license:

  • Annual card 83 € + 20 € (boat stamp) + € 20 (stamp carpiste) = 123 €
  • Holiday card issued from June 1 to September 30 for 15 consecutive days: 30 € + 20 € (boat stamp) + € 20 (stamp carpiste) = 70 €
  • Day pass: € 20. It allows fishing the edge as boat, all inclusive.
  • No boat stamp below 14 years

Reserves: Many reserve areas closed to fishing with the handle of Auzon

Average weight of carp: carp population 12 to 14 pounds is important. It is common to catch fish over 20 pounds, massive and very combative.

(S) record (s): Not offcialisé – A mirror over 30 pounds was caught there a few years.

Undesirable side: Crayfish and very large bream.

Additional Information:

  1. While Amance Lake, east, is dedicated to boating, Lake Temple, to the west, is itself abandoned to the discovery of nature.
  2. Lake Temple is famous for its calm, ideal for the practice of fishing, it is also sometimes described as “the kingdom of fishing and small sails “because here the boats are not allowed. Fishing and boating are permitted only in the eastern part of the lake. The western part of the lake is it occupied by the National Nature Reserve of the Orient forest, which includes two main loops: the “cove Auzon” and “Temple of the loop” and the lake is only counted a single island, which has no name.Around are two ponds: the Jonchery and that of the Grand Orient. In addition, dikes Valois, the Grand Orient, the Fontaine aux Oiseaux and Frouasse are built “on the lake”, which created new ponds surrounding area.
  3. Amance lakes and Temple are subject to a continental climate mixed with a gradient oceanic climate. Temperatures are fairly mild, between 5.8 ° C and 25.2 ° C for the maximum. Yet some winters are particularly cold, as in 1971 where he until -25.2 ° C, and summers can be hot and dry, with a record of temperature during the heat wave of 2003 to 40.6 ° C. The last four months of the year are the rainiest with those of May and June.
  4. Filling the lake from January to June and then its gradual drain until October result in significant changes to the landscape and environment.
  5. Varied natural food abundance.
  6. Fishing recommended challenge open to night fishing boat the edge zones.
  7. IGN map # TOP100022
  8. The configuration of the banks and the bottom topography and the foodis very close to natural East.
  9. Lake Temple and Lake Amance form has them both Dawn Lake reservoir which contains 170 million m3
  10. Seagrasses are omni present in spring and summer. In the month of August, the level drops, the Temple becomes “easier to perform.”



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