Lac Tertre is situated in southern Belgium near the town of Mons, close to the French border and only 1 hour 40 minutes drive from the port of Calais. It was a working gravel pit covering over 50 acres with depths to over 50 ft. In places the steep margins drop to more than 10 metres 30 ft!

Lac Terte will win no prizes for beauty! It is a large deep rectangular hole in the ground but over the years is now quite established and mature. Especially so during the summer months, In my opinion its character may not be suitable for the majority of UK anglers, unless you are experienced in fishing fairly large deep lakes and are aware of the methods to employ on such venues. Alternately you can read the remainder of this article and be fully prepared should you wish to accept the challenge?

That said it is not a difficult venue, with the right approach it can be quite easy, the difficulty comes in the psychology of the angler. Mental preparation is advised, you are not visiting a picturesque lake, you are not fishing 5 -15 foot of water and you will be fishing in a regimental manner. Upon setting eyes upon it you may feel inclined to move to the much more scenic etang Rue situated several hundred metres along the road (ran by the same person and agency). However you are likely to catch bigger carp from Terte than its neighbouring cousin.

Since the proprietor Danielle took the lease on the lake he has placed over 15 ton of carp into it over a several year period. These carp have gained weight much better than its neighbouring cousin, etang Rue.
An estimation is that there now swims at least 40 carp over 40 lbs with a good number over 45 lbs. Last autumn someone managed to hit it right and took over 2000 lb of carp with 19 over 45 lbs to a lake record of 78 lbs! With that said, I think you will agree that Terte is now one of the top venues in Belgium? Will a fish from Terte topple the current Belgium record?
In addition to the large stock of carp there is a healthy head of catfish, which have been landed to 100 lbs, however Danielle informs me that there are much bigger moggies present which often pick up anglers baits but are rarely landed.

The Rules!
No boats except remote control.
4 rods allowed
Barbless or micro barbed single hooks only.
Safe rigs to be used at all times.
Minimum of 12 lb line to be used.
Fish must be returned unharmed to the water ASAP.
Unhooking mats suitable for carp over 40lb must be used at all times.
Particles must be correctly prepared.
No fires, although small barbeques are tolerated.
You are free to move to any available swims throughout your stay.
No unruly behaviour. The onsite bailiffs reserve the rights to refuse fishing rights
Minimum of 14 lb line to be used.!lac-tertre/c1cws


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